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av Walter T. K. Nugent

Financialization in Crisis

av Costas Lapavitsas

After decades of conservative dominance, the election of Barack Obama may signal the beginning of a new progressive era. But what exactly is progressivism? What role has it play…

Financialization in Crisis

The ongoing economic crisis commenced in the sphere of finance, spread to production, and then became a world recession. In this important and timely volume several well-known p…

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In Danger
The Secret King
Political Liberalism
The October Revolution in Prospect and Retrospect
In Danger av Pier Paolo PasoliniThe Secret King av Stephen E. FlowersPolitical Liberalism av John RawlsThe October Revolution in Prospect and... av John Eric Marot
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Marx's Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism
The Accumulation of Freedom
Cartography of Revolutionary Anarchism
The Meanings of Work
Marx's Concept of the Alternative to Ca... av Peter HudisThe Accumulation of Freedom av Deric ShannonCartography of Revolutionary Anarchism av Michael SchmidtThe Meanings of Work av Ricardo Antunes
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    Political Ideologies av Andrew Heywood
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    Nations and Nationalism av Ernest Gellner
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    The Nation and Its Fragments av Partha Chatterjee
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    Why Not Socialism? av G. A. Cohen
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    America av Dinesh D'Souza
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    Nationalism in Europe 1789-1945 av Timothy Baycroft
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    Ethnicity and Nationalism av Thomas Hylland Eriksen
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