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Fostering Critical Reflection in Adulthood

av Jack Mezirow

Communication, Collaboration and Creativity

av Marianne Horsdal
Fostering Critical Reflection in Adulthood

This book presents successful programs, techniques, and strategies for helping adult learners tap into their rich and diverse life experiences as a basis for growth and lifelong…

Communication, Collaboration and Creativity

Researching adult learning combines the very best presentations from the Third Nordic Conference on Adult Learning. This volume covers the broad field of adult education. The co…

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Being an Academic
Bildning eller utbildning?
How to Write a Thesis
The Fundamentals of Workplace Learning
Being an Academic av Joelle FanghanelBildning eller utbildning? av Hartmut von HentigHow to Write a Thesis av Rowena MurrayThe Fundamentals of Workplace Learning av Knud Illeris
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Vuxenutbildningens regelbok : bestämmelser  om kommunal vuxenutbildning och utbildning i svenska för invandrare
Learning to Read Critically in Teaching and Learning
Equality, Participation and Inclusion 1
Understanding and Teaching the At-Risk Adult Student
Vuxenutbildningens regelbok : bestämmel... av Lars WernerLearning to Read Critically in Teaching... av Mike WallaceEquality, Participation and Inclusion 1 av Jonathan RixUnderstanding and Teaching the At-Risk... av Diane Mierzwik
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    14 Days to Exam Success av Lucinda Becker
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    Bildning eller utbildning? av Hartmut von Hentig
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    Speed Reading for Dummies av Richard Sutz
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    Telling Lives av Marianne Horsdal
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    Decentring Leisure av Chris Rojek
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