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International Social Work

av Lynne M. Healy

The Successful Internship

av H. Frederick Sweitzer
International Social Work

International Social Work: Professional Action in an Interdependent World is a comprehensive introduction that places social work history, practice, policy, and education within…

The Successful Internship

THE SUCCESSFUL INTERNSHIP: PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL, AND CIVIC DEVELOPMENT, 4th Edition, offers you more than just a resource for how to find a position or how to interview. It ad…

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Charitable Women
Wildlife & Conservation Volunteering
Challenges in Human Rights
A New Psychotherapy for Traditional Men
Charitable Women av Birgitta JordansonWildlife & Conservation Volunteering av Peter LynchChallenges in Human Rights av Elisabeth ReichertA New Psychotherapy for Traditional Men av Gary R. Brooks
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Learning and Discovery
The Coaching Manual
Growth as Self-Actualization
Personhood, Professionalism and the Helping Relation
Learning and Discovery av Eleanor AllgoodThe Coaching Manual av Julie StarrGrowth as Self-Actualization av Ragnvald KvalsundPersonhood, Professionalism and the Hel... av Eleanor Allgood
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    Gestalt Therapy av Georges Wollants
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    Man's Search for Meaning av Viktor E. Frankl
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    Fritz Perls av Petruska Clarkson
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    Exposure Therapy for Anxiety av Jonathan S. Abramowitz
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    Emotion-Focused Therapy av Leslie S. Greenberg
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    Modern Social Work Theory av Malcolm Payne
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    The Heart and Soul of Change av Barry L. Duncan
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    Psychoanalytic Diagnosis av Nancy McWilliams
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