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English-Egyptian Arabic / Egyptian Arabic-English Dictionar…

av Mahmoud Gaafar

Arabic Practical Dictionary

av Nicholas Awde
English-Egyptian Arabic / Egyptian Arabic-English Dictionary & Phrasebook

Egypt is the most populous Arab country, and Egyptian Arabic is the language that all Egyptians speak. This user-friendly reference includes the essential words, phrases and exp…

Arabic Practical Dictionary

This dictionary is an essential resource for students of Arabic and English alike. It covers their needs with the most up-to-date entries in handy reference form, and will espec…

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Dictionary of 1000 Chinese Proverbs
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer av Mark TwainDictionary of 1000 Chinese Proverbs av Marjorie LinMalagasy-English/English-Malagasy av Janie RasolosonLithuanian-English/English-Lithuanian av Victoria Martsinkyavitshute
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Mastering Arabic
Intermediate Chinese
Farsi-English/English-Farsi (Persian) Concise Dictionary
500 Spanish Verbs for Dummies
Mastering Arabic av Jane WightwickIntermediate Chinese av Yong HoFarsi-English/English-Farsi (Persian) C... av A. M. Miandji500 Spanish Verbs for Dummies av Mary Kraynak
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    Italiensk språkkurs. Grunnkurs. av Ann-Charlotte Wennerholm
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    Practical English Usage av Michael Swan
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    Classical Chinese Medical Texts av Richard L Goodman
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    Norwegian av Ase-Berit Strandskogen
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    Essential Calculus av James Stewart
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