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A Little Book of Language

A Little Book of Language

av David Crystal

With a language disappearing every two weeks and neologisms springing up almost daily, an understanding of the origins and currency of language has never seemed more relevant. I…

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Language and Technology

av Angela Goddard

Shady Characters

av Keith Houston
Language and Technology

The INTERTEXT series has been specifically designed to meet the needs of contemporary English Language Studies. Working with Texts: A core introduction to language analysis (thi…

Shady Characters

A charming and indispensable tour of two thousand years of the written word, Shady Characters weaves a fascinating trail across the parallel histories of language and typography…

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  1. 393,-
    Digital Critical Editions av Daniel Apollon
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  2. 110,-
    The Last Lingua Franca av Nicholas Ostler
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  3. 125,-
    The Five-Minute Linguist av E. M. Rickerson
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  4. 99,-
    I Is an Other av James Geary
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  5. 96,-
    Through the Language Glass av Guy Deutscher
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  6. 516,-
    Origins av Eric Partridge
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