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Science for Conservators

Science for Conservators

av Great Britain. Museums and Gallerie Commission. Conservation Unit

For more than ten years, The Science for Conservators Series has provided the key basic texts for conservators throughout the world. Scientific concepts are basic to the conserv…

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Marxism And the History of Art

av Andrew Hemingway

Managing World Heritage Sites

av Anna Leask
Marxism And the History of Art

'No other book has ever attempted this ambitious project with such care and intelligence...Important, timely, and provocative.' Professor Barbara McCloskey, University of Pittsb…

Managing World Heritage Sites

World Heritage Sites are some of the most recognised locations around the world. They include natural sites such as the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier and cultural ones such…

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  1. 333,-
    Photographs of the Past av Bertand Lavedrine
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  2. 257,-
    Restaureringskonstens historia av Fredric Bedoire
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  3. 312,-
    Science for Conservators av Conservation Unit Museums and Galleries (COR)
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  4. 247,-
    Securing the Past av Paul Eggert
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  6. 405,-
    Materials for Conservation av Velson Horie
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  7. 51,-
    Minsta möjliga åtgärd av Kristina Kvastad
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  8. 256,-
    Judging Exhibitions av Beverly Serrell
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  9. 335,-
    An Artful Craft av Bodleian Library