Transparent Complete Arabic Learning Suite (dvd + 4 cd-rom)
  • Sidosasu: Muu
  • Kieli: englanti
  • Julkaistu: 2008
  • Paino grammoina: 311
  • ISBN10:1592512666
  • ISBN13:9781592512669

Transparent Complete Arabic Learning Suite (dvd + 4 cd-rom)



Complete Arabic contains a wealth of useful Arabic learning resources. Whether you prefer interactive software, audio learning, reading, or games, Complete Arabic will have you on your way to Arabic mastery in no time. Before You Know It This easy-to-use flash card program provides a fun, effective environment for learning words and phrases - the basic building blocks of a language. Learning vocabulary first can give you a solid foundation for your Arabic learning. Before You Know It contains built-in lists of over 1,000 key Arabic words and over 250 phrases. You can also learn on the go with the Before You Know It companion audio flash card lists for your iPod or other MP3 player. Alphabet Exploder Start using the Alphabet Exploder feature in Before You Know It to learn the Arabic alphabet. Recognizing and understanding the letters of a foreign language is an importat step toward comprehending the language as a whole. Alphabet Exploder makes it easy to master Arabic letters and sounds. Learn Arabic Now! With this innovative program, you can build your language comprehension by wathing videos and listening to native speakers participate in everyday conversations. You can also practice your pronunciation, take part in dialogs, and enjoy other learning activities. Everywhere Audio This audio course is designed as a series of step-by-step lessons that you can listen to any time - in our car, at the gym, around the house, or anywhere else that you listen to audio CDs. This audio approach increases your Arabic exposure and complements your computer-assisted learning.

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