Boxing For Beginners
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  • Julkaistu: 200811
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Boxing For Beginners


Master Boxing Basics While Getting into Shape Whether you want to learn the core principles of boxing or simply get into better shape, Boxing for Beginners is the personal trainer you've been looking for. Golden Gloves champion Billy Finegan covers everything from the standard equipment you need to get started to the basic workouts and punching drills you need to know before heading into the ring. With step-by-step instruction accompanied by detailed photographs, Boxing for Beginners shows you how to:Master punches like the jab, right cross, left hook, and uppercut Throw well-timed combination punches with ease Develop blocking, slipping, and ducking techniques Use the jump rope to improve your overall level of physical fitness Properly warm up using dynamic stretching techniques Improve your bag work with single punch drills, footwork movement drills, and free round drills Spar with a partner and succeed in one-on-one competition Plus, you'll discover how to develop a personalized workout schedule that incorporates a wide range of conditioning exercises and cool down stretches. So what are you waiting for?Take the next step toward your fitness and boxing goals, and let Boxing for Beginners strengthen your mind, sharpen your reflexes, and give you that mean right hook you've always wanted.

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