World Cup of Soccer: The Complete Guide
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World Cup of Soccer: The Complete Guide


"For soccer fans of all ages, this is the ultimate guide to the 2010 World Cup."

Bursting with all the action and passion of the world's most popular sport -- and up-to-date information -- this colorfully illustrated guide to the World Cup was put together by the award-winning team responsible for "Match," one of the world's best-selling soccer magazines.

"World Cup of Soccer" is a superb guide to the 2010 World Cup, plus the preliminary and qualifying tournaments. Fans can follow the competitions on maps that show where and when matches will be played and check out stadium guides. The expert authors also give the inside scoop on the players to watch for this year.

Packed with 200 color and vintage photographs and dozens of charts, timelines, sidebars and panels, the book's other features include: The origins and significance of the World Cup
A tournament-by-tournament history of the competition
A nation-by-nation guide to the 76 World Cup finalist countries
Special four-page features on the most successful clubs
Biographies of the 40 greatest managers in World Cup history
Biographies of the 100 players who have had the greatest impact on the World Cup

"World Cup of Soccer" is ideal for the fan eager to get the most out of every match this coming summer.

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