JavaScript and jQuery: The Missing Manual
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  • Julkaistu: 201111
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  • ISBN10:1449399029
  • ISBN13:9781449399023

JavaScript and jQuery: The Missing Manual


You don't need programming experience to add interactive and visual effects to your web pages with JavaScript. This Missing Manual shows you how the jQuery library makes JavaScript programming fun, easy, and accessible to web designers at every level of experience. You'll quickly learn how to use jQuery to help your site run smoothly and look great across multiple web browsers. jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library, used on more than 30% of existing websites -- a strong testament to both its power and ease of use. In this entertaining, jargon-free book, bestselling author David McFarland teaches you how to create dynamic web pages without typing a lot of code. Why wait? Order a copy of JavaScript and jQuery: The Missing Manual today. * Use jQuery to simplify complex JavaScript tasks * Get extensive tutorials for various JavaScript techniques * Learn jQuery from the author of popular Missing Manuals on Dreamweaver and CSS * Take your web development skills to the next level with little or no programming experience

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