Studies of Mascarene Island Birds
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Studies of Mascarene Island Birds


First published in 1987, this volume presents the scientific results of an expedition, promoted by the British Ornithologists' Union, to study the endangered birds of the Mascarene Islands in the Indian Ocean. This group of islands is of unique importance to bird conservation and is perhaps best known as the last home of the famous dodo. Thirty endemic species of birds are already extinct and the populations of several others are now so small as to be of doubtful validity. The data presented here will enable the appropriate government departments and conservation bodies to proceed on the basis of a sound knowledge of the needs of the threatened birds, and it is hoped that the survival of at least a proportion of the unique wildlife of this island group can be ensured. Studies of Mascarene Island Birds will also provide the keen amateur ornithologist with a serious interest in conservation with a direct appreciation of field work aimed at protecting rate species in their natural habitat.

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