The Truth About What Customers Really Want
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The Truth About What Customers Really Want


Consumer response is the ultimate test of every product, service, and marketing strategy and, ultimately, every business. But most businesses need far deeper understanding of customers: how they behave, what they want (and don't want), and what really motivates them to action.

In The Truth About What Customers Really Want , world-renowned customer behaviourexpert Michael R. Solomon brings togetherthe 50 absolutely crucial facts and insightsyou must know to successfully attract andkeepprofitable customers.

Solomon reveals:

• how changing gender roles are impacting marketing

• how to shape your brand's personality

• market by lifestyle

• build brand communities and consumer tribes

• how to generate low-cost buzz via guerrilla and viral marketing.


Unlike some books on customer behaviour, this one's simple to use, up-to-date, and complete.

“Michael Solomon’s The Truth About What Customers Want contains great insights into consumer behaviour and is a must-have tool for anyone working in a consumer-driven field. His 50 truths take the guesswork out of marketing intelligence and give insight into navigating today’s technology-driven world.”

Tim Dunphy, Senior Marketing Manager, Consumer Insights, Black & Decker

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