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The Heart and the Fountain
137 kr

The Heart and the Fountain

av Joseph Dan

Joseph Dan is one of the world's leading authorities on Jewish mysticism. In this superb anthology, Dan not only presents illuminating excerpts from the most important mystical …

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Little Jewish Stickers

av Jill Dubin

Story of Hannukah

av Susanna Davidson
Little Jewish Stickers
57 kr

24 bright, colorful pressure-sensitive stickers depicting dreidels, Noah's ark, menorah, stars of David, Sabbath candles, costumed children, and more.

Story of Hannukah
71 kr

For children who have just started reading alone, this book uses everyday vocabulary and has lots of colorful artwork to maintain interest.

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  3. 71 kr
    Story of Hannukah av Susanna Davidson
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  4. 93 kr
    Diary of a Young Girl av Anne Frank
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  5. 143 kr
    The Guide for the Perplexed av Moses Maimonides
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