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Speech And Language Processing

av Daniel Jurafsky

Pattern Recognition And Machine Learning

av Christopher M. Bishop
Speech And Language Processing
1.250 kr

For undergraduate or advanced undergraduate courses in Classical Natural Language Processing, Statistical Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Computational Linguist…

Pattern Recognition And Machine Learning
722 kr

This is the first textbook on pattern recognition to present the Bayesian viewpoint. The book presents approximate inference algorithms that permit fast approximate answers in s…

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Design Patterns
323 kr
Introduction to Pattern Recognition: A MATLAB Approach
308 kr
Kernel Methods for Pattern Analysis
727 kr
An Introduction to Support Vector Machines
574 kr
Design Patterns av Erich GammaIntroduction to Pattern Recognition: A... av Dr. Sergios TheodoridisKernel Methods for Pattern Analysis av John Shawe-TaylorAn Introduction to Support Vector Machi... av Nello Cristianini
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  1. 323 kr
    Design Patterns av Erich Gamma
    Lägg i kundvagn 1
  2. 420 kr
    Understanding Machine Learning av Shai Shalev-Shwartz
    Lägg i kundvagn 2
  3. 591 kr
    Visual Computing for Medicine av Bernhard Preim
    Lägg i kundvagn 3
  4. 722 kr
    Pattern Recognition And Machine Learning av Christopher M. Bishop
    Lägg i kundvagn 4
  5. 362 kr
    Evaluating Learning Algorithms av Nathalie Japkowicz
    Lägg i kundvagn 5
  6. 334 kr Lägg i kundvagn 6
  7. 404 kr
    Machine Learning av Peter Flach
    Lägg i kundvagn 7
  8. 308 kr Lägg i kundvagn 8
  9. 574 kr Lägg i kundvagn 9
  10. 727 kr Lägg i kundvagn 10