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Introduction to Reliability and Quality Engineering

av John P. Bentley

Practical Reliability Engineering

av Patrick D. T. O'Connor
Introduction to Reliability and Quality Engineering
612 kr

A second revised edition of this text, suitable for students of all engineering disciplines and professional engineers alike, this interdisciplinary text will enable the reader …

Practical Reliability Engineering
573 kr

With emphasis on practical aspects of engineering, this bestseller has gained worldwide recognition through progressive editions as "the" essential reliability textbook. This fi…

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Robust Design Methodology for Reliability: Exploring the Effects of Variation and Uncertainty
819 kr
The Analysis, Communication, and Perception of Risk
3.126 kr
Optimum Experimental Designs
1.104 kr
Reliability Theory: With Applications to Preventive Maintenance
1.142 kr
Robust Design Methodology for Reliabili... av Bo BergmanThe Analysis, Communication, and Percep... av B. John GarrickOptimum Experimental Designs av A.C. AtkinsonReliability Theory: With Applications t... av Eliahu Gertsbakh
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  1. 333 kr
    Normal Accidents av Charles Perrow
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  6. 344 kr
    Resilience Engineering av Erik Hollnagel
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  7. 490 kr Lägg i kundvagn 7