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Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

av A. C. Phillips

The Demon and the Quantum

av Robert J. Scully
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
463 kr

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics is an introduction to the power and elegance of quantum mechanics. Assuming little in the way of prior knowledge, quantum concepts are carefull…

The Demon and the Quantum
185 kr

Eagerly awaited, the new edition of this successful text is now available in paperback. Maxwell's Demon is a character in an 1867 thought experiment by the Scottish physicist Ja…

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Introducing Quantum Theory
92 kr
How to Teach Physics to Your Dog
134 kr
Quantum Teleportation and Entanglement
953 kr
163 kr
Introducing Quantum Theory av J. P. McenvoyHow to Teach Physics to Your Dog av Chad OrzelQuantum Teleportation and Entanglement av Akira FurusawaQuantum av Jim Al-Khalili
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Only the Longest Threads
140 kr
Physical Relativity
348 kr
How the Hippies Saved Physics
147 kr
Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems
3.652 kr
Only the Longest Threads av Tasneem Zehra HusainPhysical Relativity av Harvey R. BrownHow the Hippies Saved Physics av David KaiserClassical Dynamics of Particles and Sys... av Stephen T. Thornton
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  1. 272 kr Lägg i kundvagn 1
  2. 134 kr
    The Physics of Miracles av Richard Bartlett
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  3. 140 kr Lägg i kundvagn 3
  4. 154 kr Lägg i kundvagn 4
  5. 175 kr
    The Strangest Man av Graham Farmelo
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  6. 733 kr Lägg i kundvagn 6
  7. 230 kr
    The Story of Spin av Sin-Intro Tomonaga
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  8. 196 kr Lägg i kundvagn 8
  9. 171 kr
    Where Does the Weirdness Go? av David Lindley
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  10. 208 kr
    The Quantum World av John C. Polkinghorne
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