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Differentialgeometri & riemannsk geometri

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Analysis on Manifolds

av James R. Munkres

Harmonic Morphisms Between Riemannian Manifolds

av Paul Baird
Analysis on Manifolds
837 kr

A readable introduction to the subject of calculus on arbitrary surfaces or manifolds. Accessible to readers with knowledge of basic calculus and linear algebra. Sections includ…

Harmonic Morphisms Between Riemannian Manifolds
1.596 kr

This is the first account in book form of the theory of harmonic morphisms between Riemannian manifolds. Harmonic morphisms are maps which preserve Laplace's equation. They can …

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Analysis and Algebra on Differentiable Manifolds
701 kr
Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces
637 kr
Stochastic Models, Information Theory, and Lie Groups, Volume 1: Classical Results and Geometric Methods
511 kr
A New Approach to Differential Geometry Using Clifford's Geometric Algebra
606 kr
Analysis and Algebra on Differentiable... av Pedro M. GadeaDifferential Geometry of Curves and Sur... av Victor A. ToponogovStochastic Models, Information Theory,... av Gregory S. ChirikjianA New Approach to Differential Geometry... av John Snygg
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Projective Geometry
397 kr
Fundamentals of Differential Geometry
673 kr
Geometric Partial Differential Equations And Image Analysis
397 kr
Backlund and Darboux Transformations
451 kr
Projective Geometry av H. S. M. CoxeterFundamentals of Differential Geometry av Serge LangGeometric Partial Differential Equation... av Guillermo SapiroBacklund and Darboux Transformations av C. Rogers
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  4. 368 kr
    General Relativity av N. M. J. Woodhouse
    Lägg i kundvagn 4
  5. 1.263 kr
    The Ricci Flow av Bennett Chow
    Lägg i kundvagn 5
  6. 837 kr
    Analysis on Manifolds av James R. Munkres
    Lägg i kundvagn 6
  7. 151 kr
    Differential Geometry av Erwin Kreyszig
    Lägg i kundvagn 7
  8. 518 kr
    Functional Differential Geometry av Gerald Jay Sussman
    Lägg i kundvagn 8
  9. 352 kr Lägg i kundvagn 9
  10. 149 kr 10