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Matematikens filosofi

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Thinking About Mathematics

av Stewart Shapiro

Plato's Problem

av Marco Panza
Thinking About Mathematics
283 kr

This unique text by Stewart Shapiro looks at a range of philosophical issues and positions concerning mathematics in four comprehensive sections. The first describes questions a…

Plato's Problem
243 kr

What is mathematics about? And if it is about some sort of mathematical reality, how can we have access to it? This is the problem raised by Plato, which still today is the subj…

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Philosophy of Mathematics
190 kr
Mathematics and the Roots of Postmodern Thought
145 kr
Philosophy of Mathematics: An Introduction
269 kr
The Foundations of Arithmetic
308 kr
Philosophy of Mathematics av Stewart ShapiroMathematics and the Roots of Postmodern... av Vladimir TasicPhilosophy of Mathematics: An Introduct... av David BostockThe Foundations of Arithmetic av Gottlob Frege
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Naturalism in Mathematics
353 kr
Grounding Concepts
557 kr
Where Mathematics Comes from
219 kr
Mathematics and Scientific Representation
489 kr
Naturalism in Mathematics av Penelope MaddyGrounding Concepts av C. S. JenkinsWhere Mathematics Comes from av George LakoffMathematics and Scientific Representati... av Christopher Pincock
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    Optimeringslära av Jan Lundgren
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  4. 98 kr
    Information av Luciano Floridi
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  6. 231 kr
    Philosophical Devices av David Papineau
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  8. 580 kr
    Causality in the Sciences av Phyllis Mckay Illari
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  10. 467 kr
    Plural Logic av Alex Oliver
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