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Experiencing MIS

av David M. Kroenke

Business Research Methods

av Alan Bryman
Experiencing MIS
701 kr

For undergraduate Introductory Management Information Systems courses Help your students succeed in the most important course they'll take As technology continues to change the …

Business Research Methods
518 kr

A complete introduction to doing business research, Business Research Methods is the ideal guide for students embarking on a research project. Together with real students and su…

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Business Information Systems
568 kr
Temperaturen på affärssystem i Sverige
297 kr
Management Information System
728 kr
Knowledge Management in Organizations
443 kr
Business Information Systems av Paul Beynon-DaviesTemperaturen på affärssystem i Sverige Management Information System av Kenneth C. LaudonKnowledge Management in Organizations av Donald Hislop
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332 kr
478 kr
Statistics for Business and Economics
804 kr
Technology in Action Complete
1.652 kr
Affärssystem av Johan MagnussoneBusiness av Paul Beynon-DaviesStatistics for Business and Economics av Paul NewboldTechnology in Action Complete av Alan Evans
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