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Minds and Gods

av Todd Tremlin

Religion and Globalization

av John L. Esposito
Minds and Gods
214 kr

Around the world and throughout history, in cultures as diverse as ancient Mesopotamia and modern America, human beings have been compelled by belief in gods and developed compl…

Religion and Globalization
621 kr

The twenty-first century is witnessing a resurgence and globalization of religion. Around the world, religion has become an increasingly more vital and pervasive force in both p…

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The Old Testament
110 kr
Origins of Yiddish Dialects
1.613 kr
Second Language Acquisition
237 kr
The Crusades
110 kr
The Old Testament av Michael David CooganOrigins of Yiddish Dialects av Alexander BeiderSecond Language Acquisition av Rod EllisThe Crusades av Christopher Tyerman
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Religion in Modern Europe
864 kr
The Oxford Handbook of Medieval Christianity
1.213 kr
Martin Luther
108 kr
Sacred Landscape in Medieval Afghanistan
1.018 kr
Religion in Modern Europe av Grace DavieThe Oxford Handbook of Medieval Christi... av John H. ArnoldMartin Luther av Scott H. HendrixSacred Landscape in Medieval Afghanistan av Arezou Azad
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