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Blasfemi (hädelse), heresi (kätteri), apostasi (avfall)

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Medieval Heresy 3e

av Lambert

Freedom of Speech

av Eric Barendt
Medieval Heresy 3e
304 kr

This history of the great heretical movements of the middle ages provides an account of the dissent and protests made against the Medieval churches of Rome and Byzantium. It exa…

Freedom of Speech
471 kr

This is a fully revised and updated new edition of the classic work first published in 1985. There have been many important developments since the first edition, including enact…

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The Perfect Heresy
109 kr
Fear, Myth and History
451 kr
Frontiers of Heresy
643 kr
Salvation at Stake
394 kr
The Perfect Heresy av Stephen O'SheaFear, Myth and History av James Colin DavisFrontiers of Heresy av E. William MonterSalvation at Stake av Brad S. Gregory
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