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Dekonstruktionism, strukturalism, poststrukturalism

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The Body

av Lisa Blackman

Subjects of Desire

av Judith Butler
The Body
214 kr

Questions around 'the body' are central to social theory. Our changing understanding of the body now challenges the ways we conceive power, ideology, subjectivity and social and…

Subjects of Desire
237 kr

This classic work by one of the most important philosophers and critics of our time charts the genesis and trajectory of the desiring subject from Hegel's formulation in Phenome…

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Are the Lips a Grave?
237 kr
The Portable Cixous
188 kr
Women As Weapons of War
182 kr
Poststructuralism: A Very Short Introduction
90 kr
Are the Lips a Grave? av Lynne HufferThe Portable Cixous av Marta SegarraWomen As Weapons of War av Kelly OliverPoststructuralism: A Very Short Introdu... av Catherine Belsey
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  5. 195 kr
    Derrida and Our Animal Others av David Farrell Krell
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  6. 119 kr
    Foucault for Beginners av Lydia Alix Fillingham
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  7. 307 kr Lägg i kundvagn 7
  8. 176 kr
    The Structuralist Controversy av Richard Macksey
    Lägg i kundvagn 8
  9. 90 kr
    The Transparency of Evil av Jean Baudrillard
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  10. 336 kr
    Alienation After Derrida av Simon Skempton
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