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The Oxford Handbook of Archaeology
1.479 kr

The Oxford Handbook of Archaeology

av Barry Cunliffe

Archaeology is a vast subject - it is the study of human society everywhere in the world, from distant human origins 3-4 million years ago up to the present day. The Oxford Hand…

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The Archaeology of Islands

av Paul Rainbird

Issues and Concepts in Historical Ecology

av Carole L. Crumley
The Archaeology of Islands
349 kr

Archaeologists have traditionally considered islands as distinct physical and social entities. In this book, Paul Rainbird discusses the historical construction of this characte…

Issues and Concepts in Historical Ecology
518 kr

Historical ecology is a research framework which draws upon diverse evidence to trace complex, long-term relationships between humanity and Earth. With roots in anthropology, ar…

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  4. 860 kr
    The Roman Street av Jeremy Hartnett
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  5. 264 kr
    The Great Transition av Bruce M. S. Campbell
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  6. 471 kr
    Zooarchaeology av Elizabeth J. Reitz
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  9. 229 kr
    The Matter of History av Timothy J. Lecain
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  10. 1.182 kr
    Solid Waste Landfilling av Raffaello Cossu