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Litteraturvetenskap: postkolonial litteratur

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Postcolonial Witnessing
657 kr

Postcolonial Witnessing

av Stef Craps

Despite a stated commitment to cross-cultural solidarity, trauma theory-an area of cultural investigation that emerged out of the 'ethical turn' affecting the humanities in the …

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A Concise Companion to Postcolonial Literature
315 kr
The Oxford Handbook of Postcolonial Studies
1.215 kr
Postcolonial Nostalgias
400 kr
Communalism and Globalization in South Asia and Its Diaspora
400 kr
A Concise Companion to Postcolonial Lit... av Shirley ChewThe Oxford Handbook of Postcolonial Stu... av Graham HugganPostcolonial Nostalgias av Dennis WalderCommunalism and Globalization in South... av Deana Heath
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  1. 400 kr
    Postcolonial Nostalgias av Dennis Walder
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