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Litteraturvetenskap: postkolonial litteratur

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Immigrant Narratives

av Wail S. Hassan

A Concise Companion to Postcolonial Literature

av Shirley Chew
Immigrant Narratives
330 kr

Since the work of Edward Said first appeared, countless studies have shown the ways in which Western writers-sometimes unwittingly-participate in the oversimplified East/West di…

A Concise Companion to Postcolonial Literature
363 kr

Taking an innovative and multi-disciplinary approach to literature from 1947 to the present day, this concise companion is an indispensable guide for anyone seeking an authorita…

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Postcolonial Witnessing
288 kr
York Notes Companions Postcolonial Literature
155 kr
Postcolonial Witnessing
780 kr
Communalism and Globalization in South Asia and Its Diaspora
479 kr
Postcolonial Witnessing av Stef CrapsYork Notes Companions Postcolonial Lite... av Wendy KnepperPostcolonial Witnessing av Stef CrapsCommunalism and Globalization in South... av Deana Heath
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  2. 325 kr
    Forget English! av Aamir R. Mufti
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  3. 118 kr
    Kite Runner av Calum Kerr
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  6. 330 kr
    Immigrant Narratives av Wail S. Hassan
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  7. 278 kr 7