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The Function of Form

av Farshid Moussavi

Interdisciplinary Design

The Function of Form
271 kr

"The Function of Structure" explores the production of singular affects through systems that relate form and content. This is an essential graphic manual on structural systems a…

Interdisciplinary Design
212 kr

Architects and engineers both claim to be designers, though how they define design and the approaches they use to realize it, vary widely. However their interaction has also cre…

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Den moderna arkitekturens filosofier
189 kr
The Silences of Mies
114 kr
Cold War Confrontations
206 kr
Arkitektur och konsumtion : Reyner Banham och utbytbarhetens estetik
177 kr
Den moderna arkitekturens filosofier av Sven-Olov WallensteinThe Silences of Mies av Sven-Olov WallensteinCold War Confrontations av Jack MaseyArkitektur och konsumtion : Reyner Banh... av Helena Mattsson
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304 kr
1930 - 1931 : den svenska modernismen vid vägskälet = Swedish modernism at the crossroads = Der schwedische Modernismus am Scheideweg
90 kr
Building Science: Concepts and Application
414 kr
Excellence by Design: Transforming Workplace and Work Practice
467 kr
Architect 1930 - 1931 : den svenska modernismen v... av Helena MattssonBuilding Science: Concepts and Applicat... av Professor Jens PohlExcellence by Design: Transforming Work... av Turid Horgen
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