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Dade - Arabiska filosofers skrifter

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Philosophy in the Islamic World

av Peter Adamson

Medieval Islamic Philosophical Writings

av Muhammad Ali Khalidi
Philosophy in the Islamic World
96 kr

In the history of philosophy, few topics are so relevant to today's cultural and political landscape as philosophy in the Islamic world. Yet, this remains one of the lesser-know…

Medieval Islamic Philosophical Writings
748 kr

Philosophy in the Islamic world emerged in the ninth century and continued to flourish into the fourteenth century. It was strongly influenced by Greek thought, but Islamic phil…

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  3. 401 kr
    Islamic Philosophy and Theology av W. Montgomery Watt
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  4. 748 kr
    Medieval Islamic Philosophical Writings av Muhammad Ali Khalidi
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  7. 746 kr
    Islamism As Philosophy av Salman Sayyid