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Ue.0482 - Biokemi

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Discovering Genomics, Proteomics And Bioinformatics

av A. Malcolm Campbell

Molecular Genetics of Bacteria

av Jeremy Dale
Discovering Genomics, Proteomics And Bioinformatics
1.057 kr

Discovering Genomics is the first genomics text that combines web activities and case studies with a problem-solving approach to teach upper-level undergraduates and first-year …

Molecular Genetics of Bacteria
654 kr

The fifth edition of this highly successful book provides students with an essential introduction to the molecular genetics of bacteria covering the basic concepts and the lates…

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820 kr
Foundations of Organic Chemistry: Worked Examples
205 kr
Functional Biochemistry in Health and Disease
486 kr
Metabolic Ecology: A Scaling Approach
551 kr
Lipidomics av Kim EkroosFoundations of Organic Chemistry: Worke... av Michael HornbyFunctional Biochemistry in Health and D... av Eric NewsholmeMetabolic Ecology: A Scaling Approach av Richard M. Sibly
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Becker's World of the Cell
553 kr
The Edge of Evolution
119 kr
High-Density Lipoproteins: Structure, Metabolism, Function and Therapeutics
854 kr
Polysaccharide Building Blocks: A Sustainable Approach to the Development of Renewable Biomaterials
791 kr
Becker's World of the Cell av Jeff HardinThe Edge of Evolution av Michael J. BeheHigh-Density Lipoproteins: Structure, M... av Anatol KontushPolysaccharide Building Blocks: A Susta... av Youssef Habibi
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  2. 656 kr Lägg i kundvagn 2
  3. 546 kr
    Biochemistry: A Short Course av John L. Tymoczko
    Lägg i kundvagn 3
  4. 551 kr
    Principles of Proteomics av Richard Twyman
    Lägg i kundvagn 4
  5. 591 kr
    Medical Biochemistry av John W. Baynes
  6. 312 kr Lägg i kundvagn 6
  7. 111 kr
    Biochemistry for Dummies av John T. Moore
    Lägg i kundvagn 7
  8. 586 kr
    Bioenergetics av David G. Nicholls
    Lägg i kundvagn 8
  9. 650 kr
    R Programming for Bioinformatics av Robert Gentleman
    Lägg i kundvagn 9
  10. 707 kr
    Biogeochemistry av William H. Schlesinger
    Lägg i kundvagn 10