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Ue.046 - Reproduktion

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Developmental Biology

av Lewis Wolpert

Researching Later Life and Ageing

av Miranda Leontowitsch
Developmental Biology
95 kr

From a single cell - a fertilized egg - comes an elephant, a fly, or a human. How does this astonishing feat happen? How does the egg 'know' what to become? How does it divide i…

Researching Later Life and Ageing
810 kr

How are we to conduct research on the continuously changing world of later life? How do we research new ageing populations and groups that have been largely absent from research…

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Advances in Evolutionary Developmental Biology
933 kr
Stem Cells in Craniofacial Development and Regeneration
963 kr
Animal Physiology
1.152 kr
Plasticity, Robustness, Development and Evolution
309 kr
Advances in Evolutionary Developmental... av J. StreelmanStem Cells in Craniofacial Development... av George T-J HuangAnimal Physiology av Richard W. HillPlasticity, Robustness, Development and... av Patrick Bateson
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