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av Peter Atkins

Electrode Dynamics

av A.C. Fisher
149 kr

Peter Atkins captures the heart of chemistry in this book, through an innovative, closely integrated design of images and text, and his characteristically clear, precise, and ec…

Electrode Dynamics
213 kr

This highly illustrated textbook provides a framework of the key concepts involved in electrochemical kinetics. A wide range of modern electrochemical techniques and application…

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Physical Electrochemistry
643 kr
Vad är drivkraften i molekylernas värld? : en molekylär introduktion till termodynamik
205 kr
Principles and Applications of Photochemistry
340 kr
Electrochemistry for Chemists
1.035 kr
Physical Electrochemistry av Eliezer GileadiVad är drivkraften i molekylernas värld... av Roland KjellanderPrinciples and Applications of Photoche... av Brian WardleElectrochemistry for Chemists av Donald T. Sawyer
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Fundamentals of Fire Phenomena
684 kr
Why Chemical Reactions Happen
315 kr
Synthesis of Inorganic Materials
569 kr
Applied Colloid and Surface Chemistry
349 kr
Fundamentals of Fire Phenomena av James QuintiereWhy Chemical Reactions Happen av James KeelerSynthesis of Inorganic Materials av Ulrich SchubertApplied Colloid and Surface Chemistry av Richard M. Pashley
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