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Principles and Applications of Photochemistry

av Brian Wardle


av Peter Atkins
Principles and Applications of Photochemistry
443 kr

A modern introduction to photochemistry covering the principles and applications of this topic from both a physical chemistry and organic chemistry angle. Coverage ranges from s…

158 kr

Peter Atkins captures the heart of chemistry in this book, through an innovative, closely integrated design of images and text, and his characteristically clear, precise, and ec…

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Electrochemical Methods, Student Solutions Manual: Fundamentals and Applications
759 kr
Principles of Stable Isotope Distribution
677 kr
Surfactants and Polymers in Aqueous Solution
1.617 kr
Developments in Electrochemistry
780 kr
Electrochemical Methods, Student Soluti... av Allen J. BardPrinciples of Stable Isotope Distributi... av R. E. CrissSurfactants and Polymers in Aqueous Sol... av Krister HolmbergDevelopments in Electrochemistry av Derek Pletcher
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Electrochemical Methods: Fundamentals and Applications
1.134 kr
Molecular Thermodynamics of Fluid-Phase Equilibria
1.622 kr
Vad är drivkraften i molekylernas värld? : en molekylär introduktion till termodynamik
211 kr
Advances in Chemical Physics, Advances in Chemical Physics
1.425 kr
Electrochemical Methods: Fundamentals a... av Allen J. BardMolecular Thermodynamics of Fluid-Phase... av J. M. PrausnitzVad är drivkraften i molekylernas värld... av Roland KjellanderAdvances in Chemical Physics, Advances... av Stuart A. Rice
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  5. 983 kr
    Heterogeneous Catalysis av Julian R. H. Ross
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  6. 667 kr
    Electrochemistry av Carl H. Hamann
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  9. 534 kr
    Understanding Voltammetry av Richard G. Compton
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  10. 87 kr
    Mixtures and Solutions av Carol Ballard
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