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Ubaa - Atmosfärens sammansättning, struktur och mekanik

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Nitrogen and Climate Change
257 kr

Nitrogen and Climate Change

av Dave Reay

It is the perfect storm. Limited food, water and energy unequally spread between an expanding population, and a warming climate as the bitter icing on the cake. In all these glo…

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Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry

av Peter V. Hobbs

Atmospheric Convection

av Kerry A. Emanuel
Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry
451 kr

Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry is a concise, clear review of the fundamental aspects of atmospheric chemistry. In ten succinct chapters, it reviews our basic understandin…

Atmospheric Convection
1.028 kr

Atmospheric Convection is a scientifically rigorous description of the multitude of convective circulations in the Earth's atmosphere. The book introduces the student to three p…

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  2. 536 kr
    Atmospheric Science av John M. Wallace
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  3. 1.174 kr
    Chemistry of the Upper and Lower Atmosphere av Barbara J. Finlayson-Pitts
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