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Statistical Matching
884 kr

Statistical Matching

av Marcello D'Orazio

There is more statistical data produced in today's modern society than ever before. This data is analysed and cross-referenced for innumerable reasons. However, many data sets h…

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884 kr
Repeated Measurements and Cross-Over Designs
893 kr
Elements of Large-Sample Theory
1.068 kr
810 kr
Sampling av Steven K. ThompsonRepeated Measurements and Cross-Over De... av Damaraju RaghavaraoElements of Large-Sample Theory av E. LehmannSampling av Sharon Lohr
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  1. 810 kr
    Sampling av Sharon Lohr
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  5. 1.043 kr
    A Course in Large Sample Theory av Thomas S. Ferguson
  6. 776 kr Lägg i kundvagn 6