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Learning Together and Alone

av David W. Johnson

Extrapolation and Optimal Decompositions

Learning Together and Alone
768 kr

Learning Together and Alone remains the most comprehensive cooperative learning text available for educators. The authors, well-known for their research in the field, continue t…

Extrapolation and Optimal Decompositions
261 kr

This book develops a theory of extrapolation spaces with applications to classical and modern analysis. Extrapolation theory aims to provide a general framework to study limitin…

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Representation Theory of Finite Groups
123 kr
The Symmetric Group: Representations, Combinatorial Algorithms, and Symmetric Functions
449 kr
Matematiske sammenhenger; algebra og funksjonslære
362 kr
Groups and Representations
449 kr
Representation Theory of Finite Groups The Symmetric Group: Representations, C... av Bruce E. SaganMatematiske sammenhenger; algebra og fu... av Bjørg Kristin SelvikGroups and Representations
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