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Essentials of Information Systems

av Jonas Floden

Streaming, Sharing, Stealing

av Michael D. Smith
Essentials of Information Systems
309 kr

This book gives a condensed introduction to information systems and their use in companies and organisations. Their role in organisations and how they can contribute to a succes…

Streaming, Sharing, Stealing
251 kr

"[The authors explain] gently yet firmly exactly how the internet threatens established ways and what can and cannot be done about it. Their book should be required for anyone w…

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The Internet of Things
134 kr
Social Media, Crisis Communication and Emergency Management
677 kr
281 kr
Computer Media and Communication
441 kr
The Internet of Things av Samuel GreengardSocial Media, Crisis Communication and... av Connie M. WhiteSpam av Finn BruntonComputer Media and Communication av Paul A. Mayer
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  3. 251 kr
    Streaming, Sharing, Stealing av Michael D. Smith
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  4. 258 kr
    The Undersea Network av Nicole Starosielski
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  5. 134 kr
    The Internet of Things av Samuel Greengard
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