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Computer Media and Communication
351 kr

Computer Media and Communication

av Paul A. Mayer

Computer Media and Communication: A Reader is a collection of key texts selected for their significance to thought about computers as media. The book is divided into two parts. …

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Twitter in One Hour for Lawyers

av Jared Correia


av Finn Brunton
Twitter in One Hour for Lawyers
279 kr

More lawyers than ever before are using Twitter to network with colleagues, attract clients, market their law firms, and even read the news. But to the uninitiated, Twitter's sh…

214 kr

The vast majority of all email sent every day is spam, a variety of idiosyncratically spelled requests to provide account information, invitations to spend money on dubious prod…

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  2. 756 kr
    Text Information Retrieval Systems av Charles T. Meadow
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  7. 257 kr
    The Digital Economy av Don Tapscott
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  8. 351 kr Lägg i kundvagn 8
  9. 116 kr
    The Tao of Twitter av Mark W. Schaefer
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