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The Big Necessity

av Rose George
Övergödda vatten - undernärda åkrar
135 kr

The Big Necessity
114 kr

Takes us underground to the sewers of NYC and London and overground, to meet the heroes of India's sanitation movement, American sewage schoolteachers, the Japanese genius of to…

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Sundsvall - vattenstaden
102 kr
The Wastewater Gardener
189 kr
Anaerobic Digestion Model No.1 Adm1
1.114 kr
Applied Contaminant Transport Modeling
1.338 kr
Sundsvall - vattenstaden av Erik WinnforsThe Wastewater Gardener av Mark NelsonAnaerobic Digestion Model No.1 Adm1 av Iwa Task Group (EDT)Applied Contaminant Transport Modeling av Chunmaio Zheng
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Aquatic Environmental Chemistry
189 kr
The Microbiology of Anaerobic Digesters
539 kr
The Challenges of Urban Ecological Sanitation
210 kr
An Uncooperative Commodity
1.483 kr
Aquatic Environmental Chemistry av A. G. HowardThe Microbiology of Anaerobic Digesters av Michael H. GerardiThe Challenges of Urban Ecological Sani... av Arno RosemarinAn Uncooperative Commodity av Karen J. Bakker
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