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Making Sense of Micronesia
250 kr

Making Sense of Micronesia

av Francis X. Hezel

Why are islanders so lavishly generous with food and material possessions but so guarded with information? Why do these people, unfailingly polite for the most part, laugh openl…

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Honolulu Then and Now

av Sheila Sarhangi

Lost Kingdom: Hawaii's Last Queen, the Sugar Kings, and Ame…

av Julia Flynn Siler
Honolulu Then and Now
147 kr

Named the sheltering place by native Hawaiians, Honolulu is situated on a beautiful bay surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, and white sandy beaches. See how this gem has evolve…

Lost Kingdom: Hawaii's Last Queen, the Sugar Kings, and America's First Imperial Adventure
127 kr

First colonized around 200 A.D. by intrepid Polynesian islanders, Hawaii existed for hundreds of years in splendid isolation. Foreigners did not visit the islands until 1788, wh…

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