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Seeking Imperialism's Embrace

av Kristen Stromberg Childers

The Maya

av Michael D. Coe
Seeking Imperialism's Embrace
610 kr

In 1946, at a time when other French colonies were just beginning to break free of French imperial control after World War II, the people of the French Antilles-the Caribbean is…

The Maya
179 kr

Coe and Houston update this classic account of the New Worlds greatest ancient civilization, incorporating the most recent research in a fast-changing field. New discoveries of …

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119 kr
The Aztecs
92 kr
At Home With the Aztecs
332 kr
Breaking the Maya Code
160 kr
Mexico av Roderic Ai CampThe Aztecs av David CarrascoAt Home With the Aztecs av Michael E. SmithBreaking the Maya Code av Michael D. Coe
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The Aztecs
241 kr
Från sydöstra Mexicos underjordiska berg
78 kr
The Aztecs
141 kr
The Essential History of Mexico
544 kr
The Aztecs av Michael E. SmithFrån sydöstra Mexicos underjordiska berg av Subcomandante MarcosThe Aztecs av Richard F. TownsendThe Essential History of Mexico av Philip L. Russell
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